What is Telemental Health?

Telemental Health is an online therapy service that provides psychological counseling and support to the patients via the internet, video conferencing, phone call and chat.

Telemental health-based services require access to certain services and tools. In order to participate in telemental health services, patients need to give their consent with signatures. Security, benefits, and risks of the service are explained below in detail.

Benefits and Risks of Telemental Health

Telemental Health services are using the internet and video conferencing software. Because during appointments, internet technology is used, there may be a disconnection and other difficulties that are the direct result of the low internet speed.

Telemental Health services enable patients and specialists to communicate if patients have barriers such as transportation or illness, especially during the pandemic.

Communication Plan

Desired communication for Telemental Health services is videoconferencing technology. Hence, at first, specialists/therapists try to provide services on videoconferencing software during the appointment date and time. If this is not successful because of the low quality of the video, low internet speed, or any other technical difficulties, specialists/therapists will call patients at the phone number.

It is advised to patients to connect 5-10 minutes prior to the appointment time and check whether the internet speed, webcam, and microphone work properly as expected.