Our Services

Mental health recovery is a highly personal and individual process. It occurs over time and is rarely straightforward, often characterized by steps forward and back. Recovery does not always mean that these members will live symptom-free or regain all the losses incurred because of psychiatric problems. It does mean that people can and do live without feeling enveloped by mental health issues or that their potential or opportunity is curtailed because of them. The resources at CITYWIDE COMMUNITY COUNSELING SERVICES, INC enable people to develop into a better version of what they were yesterday. Some of our services include:

Psychologist supporting male rehab session participant
Psychiatric Evaluation

Providing comprehensive assessments to diagnose and evaluate patients.

Teen girl covered face with hands at meeting with psychologist
Medication Follow-up

Monitoring patients’ response to medication and adjusting prescriptions as needed.

nurse doing a body size on her patient
Laboratory Services

Performing medical tests to diagnose or monitor a patient's condition.

group of family having a therapy session
Individual Therapy and Family Therapy

One-on-one or family unit session with a trained therapist.

Smiling Diverse Women Sitting In Circle Holding Hands Indoor
Group Therapy

Sessions with other individuals to address mental health concerns.

Woman telling psychologist about her problems
Evaluation by a Licensed Psychologist

An assessment to identify and evaluate one’s mental health condition.

Adult therapist listens to female client
Psychological Testing

Various tests and assessments to pinpoint mental health concerns.

Smiling people speaking at mental psychological counseling or session.
Social Services

Support for individuals and families facing social, economic, or health issues.

Therapist listening to her upset patient
Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

Addressing sexual dysfunction and improving sexual health and satisfaction.

Woman laying on couch, discussing with psychotherapist her problems
Depression due to Medical Problems

A form of depression that is caused by a medical condition or health issue.

Little girl sitting in the corner hile her father is holding a belt
Dysfunctional Families

Improving the functioning and well-being of families with ongoing conflicts.

Render illustration of Juvenile Delinquency title on Legal Documents
Juvenile Delinquency

Providing intervention and support to manage a minor’s delinquency issues.

Angry man
Anger Management

Teaching individuals healthy ways to manage and regulate anger.

Violent young man threatening his girlfriend with his fist
Domestic Violence

Identifying patterns of abusive behavior within a romantic relationship or household.

Bearded male hold head with hands look down sitting on bar counter
Dual Diagnosis/DA

Treating co-occurring mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder.